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Understand the advantages and shortcomings of her husband

Understand the advantages and shortcomings of her husband
Nailah bint Al-Fafishah Al-Kalbiyah is a young girl who married families with Uthman ibn Affan about 80 years old. When Uthman was asked, "Are you happy with this ketuaanku?" "I am a woman who likes men with ketuaannya," said Nailah. "But this ketuaanku too frail." Nailah replied, "You have spent your youth with the Messenger of Allah. and I love it more than anything else. "

12. Clever grateful to husband Prophet. said, "Allah will not look for a wife who is not grateful (thank you) to her husband, was he really need it." (An-Nasa'i).

13. Intelligent and wise in the expression Who does not like the wise women like Umm Salama? After Hudhaibiyah Agreement is signed, the Messenger of Allah. ordered his companions to bertahallul, slaughter goats, and shaved, and prepared a camel to go back home to Medina. However, the sabahat not respond to commands it because it was disappointed with the content of an JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA agreement that seemed to harm the Muslims.

Prophet. met Umm Salama and said, "Muslims have been corrupted, O Umm Salamah. I ordered them, but they do not want to follow. " With intelligence in analyzing the incident, Umm Salamah eloquently expressing his opinion and sage, "O Messenger of Allah, in the presence of their Acts is a good example and role model. Exit the Apostles, met them, gifts as goats, and shave. I have no doubt that they will follow the Prophet and imitate what the Apostle did. " Subhan Allah, Umm Salamah true. Prophet out, shave, slaughtering goats, and took off ihram clothes. The companions of the Prophet imitate what do. This is the blessing of intelligent and wise woman in expression. Women like these that deserve the love of a righteous man.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

If the last name you call IT , TU , TO

If the last name you call IT , TU , TO ( OTI example , OTU , Okto , Tuti , Surti ) behind the letters TI , TU , TO will mean you have the nature FROGS / FROGS person that you love to play in the matter , but that does not mean materialistic if the matter concerns you most happy , and if you also like long showers because I like playing in the water .

Seasonbet77 Agen Casino Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014 If your last name is call LI , LU , LO ( example : RUSLI , LULU , SILO ) . Letters LI , LU , LO means SNAKE , so you frequently change his skin , or can adapt to the environment , but there is something a little better with the way you are , you probably will bite if there is insistence or pressure , and that the most fundamental nature of your often vary the appearance .

If the last name you call adDisini writer will tell you how to find out the nature of the person's speech and behavior , in just 1 minute you see the tersebut.ini not random origin theory , since it based on many years experience of the author , which is why the author chose picky friends and do not have much teman.karena authors have to know how the nature of the way a person speaks . : D
Basically there are also other ways that writers , that is just the way Knowing Someone From Face Character . but this is not 100 % effective , and should be in combination with the above manner .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Feeding frequency of at least 2 times per day , while the manner

Feeding frequency of at least 2 times per day , while the manner of feeding to be effective in Feeding suggest using Frame that can be made from waring with a mesh size of 2.0 mm square berbetuk 4 measuring 1.0 to 2.0 m2 . These tools are installed into the water body bag nets at a depth of 30-50 cm from the surface AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA f the water . The location of this tool can be in the middle of the bag or in one corner of the image .
1 . Standard maintenance seed in poembesaran in KJA listed in Table 3 .Figure 1 . Feeding frame for effective feeding .Table 3 . Standard carp seed production process at every level maintenance in cages .
B. Maintenance goldfish in the pond jetted must consider several things Among others, the location is close to a water source , like ( river , irrigation and so on ) with topography that allows water to pond dried by means of gravity . Water quality in the use of good quality and not contaminated ( 6-8 ppm dissolved oxygen content ) and with a minimum water flow of 100 liters per minute .
Shape jetted tub various kinds, depending on soil conditions , Can triangle , round , oval Nor . Vary in size, adjust with the land and financing capabilities . In general KAD measuring 10-100 m 2 The average depth of 1.0-1.5 meters . Pool walls are not eroded by water flow and fish of activity . Therefore it should berkontruksi wall or ply board . And the bottom of the pool must not allow the dead flow area , ( In the place where the dirt settles ) Therefore, the slope of the pond should fit around 2-5 % . And the fish stocking size of 75-150 g / fish pond water as much as 10-15 kg/m3 . And dosage of feed that is given weight as much as 4 % of biomass / day . Frequency pemberianya then 3 times a day .This study was conducted to analyze the carp farming business administration systems in floating net cages ( KJA ) in the Village Ditch Major and tataniaganya strategy . This study uses survey data collected by observation , interviews , questionnaires , and literature . The subject of this study is business administration system at KJA carp farming in Major Urban Trenches by farmers / cultivators . The research was conducted by analyzing data on channel trading system using the farmer '' s share , price spreads , margins and share analysis strategy ( EFE , IFE , SWOT ) . The analysis showed that : ( 1 ) there are two channels of business administration in carp farming , ( 2 ) there are differences in the share of profit in each channel trading system , ( 3 ) forms of market segmentation based on consumer tastes , ( 4 ) structured strategy in business trading system to optimize system carp farming in Sub Ditch Major District of East Pontianak . The results showed that the system of carp farming business administration contained in the Village Ditch Major is not optimal . System information received by farmers is still minimal so the knowledg Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia e of farmers in marketing their products to be low . This causes the resulting product can not increase the income of farmers as a whole . The results of the SWOT analysis shows that the top priority in the trading system is to optimize the channel through WT strategy , namely to improve guidance to farmers by the UPP and improve promotion by improving the quality of the product .
Keywords : Optimization Of , Business Administration , Carp Culture , Farmer '' s Share, Price Spreads , Share Margin , Strategy . , Optimization , Commerce , Raising Goldfish , Farmer '' s Share, Price Spread , Share Margin , Strategy .
utcc Open University Library CollectionsAbstract :Goldfish is one of the species of fish that have economic value is high enough , has a lot of protein content and also the price is cheap . Raising Goldfish in a jetted tub pisciculture businesses that use the limited land , fish density is high , must provide artificial feed and cultivated in water-rich places . Goldfish enlargement on jetted tub is one form of Goldfish farming profitable for farmers fish that research is needed to determine the development prospects of the cultivation of carp in the jetted tub . Goldfish cultivation MINA PT Pelita trying to optimize their business due to the addition of an investment with penembahan expected with the addition of the jetted tub will make a profit as the company expected . Goldfish farming activities in pools of water rushing by PT Pelita MINA comprising covering the technical aspects of the place and the means of production are required in the production process , usaha'pembesaran , determination and use of seed , feed , pharmaceuticals and stage - production stage which consists of the preparation , maintenance and harvesting . Technical problems encountered in PT Pelita MINA is the provision of seeds , production management , financial management is still traditional and organizational structure which is still very simple . From the analysis of the work done , the business pembesam PT Pelita MINA these efforts mengntungkan.Dari financial results of the analysis carried out can be seen that the cultivation in the company is profitable and viable due to NPV , Net B / C and IRR meet investment criteria . Sensitivity analyzes were conducted on seed price increases of 6.85% is still profitable , rising feed prices sefiesar n ; maslli -------- ~ r % favorable and prices tumbled by 5.35 % of the effort is not feasible . The company's development prospects in excellent views of environmental aspects , technical aspects and marketing aspects . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia So thank you because you have been listening and reading the article Tips And Techniques Raising the Goldfish , I hope you are of course many benefits to my visitors

Sumatran way :

Sumatran way :

spawning pool area 5 square meters,
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 slightly muddy bottom of the pond , pool, filled with water and dried in the morning , afternoon transfer to the holding ; spawning pool is a pool of hatching ;
injuk available for menepelkan eggs , ijuk spread on the water surface ;
LOOKING process spawning is over the parent moved to another pond ;
LOOKING past 5 days old seedlings transferred to nursery ponds .

How dubish :

spawning a vast pool of 25-50 square meters, made ​​a trench around the 60 cm width 35 cm viewed , then dried pond filled with water in the morning , afternoon transfer to the holding ; spawning pool is a pool of hatching ;
penempel media used as egg plant life such as Cynodon dactylon as high as 40 cm;
LOOKING process spawning is over the parent moved to another pond ;
LOOKING past 5 days old seedlings transferred to nursery ponds .

How Hofer :

just as there is no way dubish just ditch & Cynodon dactylon plants installed in the front door water intakes .

2 . Mating systems of injection . In this sisitim good parent neuter YG stimulated mature eggs for memijah LOOKING gland extract injection hyphofise dip the fish body . Hyphofise glands obtained from donor fish head ( skull bone is indented under the big brain ) . LOOKING injection was performed twice , viewed 6 master clock tempo will be encouraged to do the spawning . System requirements require cost- eminence , means of complement & YG intensive care . JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAMouthful to look boots on spawning carp :

Muddy bottom of the pond is not bercadas .
The water was too murky ; enough oxygen in the water ; debit enough water ; & temperature range of 25 degrees C.
Required materials such as egg penempel ijuk or water plants .
YG master volume wide spread hanging from the pool , as a benchmark of holding the weight of 1 kg requires an area of ​​5 square meters.
Feeding with a protein content of 25 % . For pellet given regularly 2 times a day ( morning & evening ) in a dose of 2-4 % of the total weight of broodstock .

Features master male & female parent superior me-downs due to dipijah is as follows:

Female: between 1.5-2 years of age , weighing about 2 kg / head ; Male : minimum age of 8 months , weighing about 0.5 kg / head .
Neatly arranged scales , bright not dull .
Goldfish shape overall from the mouth to the tip of the tail fin is smooth, healthy , non- deformed fins .
Strong tail & tail panmgkal normal length must be longer than the width / thickness of the tail.
Closing a normal person not thick when opened white blotch ; minimal head length 1/3 of the length of the body ; lens looks clear .
While the "features to distinguish male & female parent holding goldfish " is as follows:
Characteristics of Female Goldfish

The body of the stomach , distended & mushy .
If stomach distriping produce a yellow liquid .
Slow motion , at night usually skip - jump .
Features Goldfish Bulls

The body looks slim .

    If stomach distriping produce sperm fluid white.

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in cultured duku certainly not spared from disruption name

in cultured duku certainly not spared from disruption name . interference issue is pests and diseases that attack crops Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya u . The following sorts of mites duku disease .pests and plant diseases dukupests and plant diseases duku
" Pests and crop diseases duku "
duku crop pests and diseases . The following are pests that attack crops duku disease .
duku crop pests . pests that attack crops duku .
1 ) bat.
diincar duku the bat is duku mature and already to harvest . operation : to prevent interference with the bat this is wrapping duku since the fruit is small . packing materials can be ijuk aren crops , container fabric , bongsang made ​​of woven bamboo .
2 ) lice shield .
This pest attacks the leaves and stems duku . operation :

KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014    by way of care and the best possible treatment plants ;
appropriate use of insecticides with different types of pests that bother her .
3) The driver of a beetle .
symptoms: attack duku mature , so duku hollow and rotten when rain water into it . operation : either lice shield .
4 ) white lice .
mites that covers the leaves and leaf buds of young duku . operation : either lice shield .
duku disease . The following diseases that attack crops duku .
1 ) disease rotten roots.
is a dangerous disease because it strikes a tree and duku . operation :

with the preservation of a good crop ;
sprayed with fungicides according to their provision of drugs.
2 ) illnesses antraknosa .
symptoms: the brown spots on the fruit range , these attacks cause the falling earlier and also cause post-harvest losses . operation :

with the preservatio
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014n of a good crop ;
sprayed with fungicides according to their provision of drugs.
3 ) impotence .
cause : Mushroom gloeosporium sp. ends of branches and twigs attack that looks dry . operation :

with the preservation of a good crop ;
done with sprayed with fungicides such as manzate , zerlate , fermate , dithane d - 14 or other pesticides . dose of drug eradication of this disease should be tailored to the organizing on their own label drugs .
the wild grass and weeds such as reed duku inhibit the growth of crops . weeds must be removed by means of weeding and to prevent weeds is to use chemical drugs . duku more about cultivation can be seen in == > cultivation techniques duku way .
this article duku crop pests and diseases , may be beneficial . [ indoopustaka ] .Related posts:

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cultivation guidelines duku
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duku farming : plant cultivation techniques means duku

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Tukuna Whaiaronga ist Blog

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Lorsque les images de Hubble publient

Lorsque les images de Hubble publient " pilier de la création" en 1995 , personne ne pensait que les gens regarderaient ce phénomène . Photo caractère exceptionnel , caché de la vue humaine par une incroyable distance dPulau Parie là. Nébuleuse de l'Aigle (emplacement) est située à environ 7000 années-lumière de la Terre . Environ la vitesse de la lumière 299 792 458 m / s , une distance qui ne peut être atteint avec la technologie actuelle .
Une chose qui est remarquable, c'est la vitesse de la lumière , nous voyons les choses dans le kecapatan lumière . Autrement dit, les piliers de la création au sein de 7000 années-lumière , que nous voyons aujourd'hui est une Piliers panorama de la création il ya 7000 ans . Nous regardons le passé d'un objet . Time machine que nous utilisons inconsciemment.
Alors, pourquoi est appelé Piliers de la Création ? Parce que, ils sont le lieu de naissance d'étoiles. Les étoiles , la taille de l'étoile , a été remarquable , surtout un lieu qui les abrite . Si vous regardez la photo ci-dessus , la pointe de l'un des piliers de la gauche estime notre galaxie , la Voie Lactée . Pouvez-vous imaginer la taille ?
C'est la beauté de l'astronomie . Qui (on l'espère ) peut changer la façon dont nous voyons le monde aujourd'hui. La photo nous fait penser à la façon dont on est petit comparé à tous les scénarios de l'univers . Même ainsi, l'image nous donne le privilège , le privilège d'être en mesure de voir la beauté du monde .

Pulau TidungAinsi, après avoir vu tout cela , on peut encore se plaindre de vos problèmes ?Partagez cet article:


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5 Responses to " Piliers de la Création , les merveilles de l'astronomie "

Pujianto dit:
21 septembre 2012 à 17h45

\ M /
Ardhitya Wiedha Irawan dit:
21 septembre 2012 à 17h54

Donc sentinelles était dipilar lequel? : D
Son écriture est intéressante , comme :: ::

Eniwei , félicitations vous réussi à écrire le premier blog en 2012 . hehehe ....

* Le dessus de moi qui yah
Pulau Pramuka?
Indonésie Nouvelles dit:
5 décembre 2012 à 24:58

J'ai aussi le point de vue des différents sanglot après avoir étudié la théorie multi- univers ... benar2 apa2nya de emank humain pas là :)
Pujianto dit:
8 janvier 2013 à 18h56

dessus de ce qui saia yah ? : P
Bons conseils sur comment régime dit:
30 janvier 2013 à 13h45

nous espérons nous faire sentions pas arrogant dans le monde .
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Nigba ti o ti Alpha okan Iṣakoso ikẹkọ kilaasi ni Pulau Pari

Nigba ti o ti Alpha okan Iṣakoso ikẹkọ kilaasi ni Makassar lori Sunday , nibẹ je kan trainee baba ti o Sọkún mi lẹhin ti ikẹkọ , ie ni aṣalẹ . Nitori AMC jẹ ikẹkọ deede bẹrẹ ni 9 am si 6 pm , baba so nkankan si mi " pa ti ni pa ọrọ le Mo Pulau Paribeere fun akoko lati iwiregbe fun igba ?" , Mo ti so bẹẹni nitori o ti tẹlẹ kan habit ti gbọdọ wa ni beere akoko lẹhin ikẹkọ. Ti o ni iyato laarin awọn ikọkọ ati awọn kilasi , nigbati ọpọlọpọ awọn deede awọn alabaṣepọ ki gidigidi lati ri kan ara ẹni kan , ko da ti o ba ti le diẹ sii larọwọto han ikọkọ ẹdun ati awọn ara ẹni isoro ki Mo tun fojusi isoro siwaju sii lori rẹ .
Ọgbẹni sẹyìn ju , bẹrẹ ni ibaraẹnisọrọ ni , " pa ti ni pa , mo ro reborn lẹhin ti yi ikẹkọ nitori bayi ni Mo ti gan mo ibi ti mi asise lori years, bayi ṣiṣe awọn mi ala ti ko wa otito , bawo le ya pa ti ni pa ọrọ ti a ti se alaye bi pe , ki ji
Pulau Tidungna Mo ti ko ti ni anfani lati sẹyìn sáyẹnsì , sugbon bẹẹni mo ti gbadura igba gẹgẹ itoni cleric ọrẹ , Mo tun ti se kan ala iwe pa ti ni pa , ṣugbọn kò si bẹẹni kò ti materialized he.he. . ṣugbọn lẹhin mi ikẹkọ yi AMC gan di mo pa ti ni pa , idi ti o sele gbogbo , idi ti mo ti je ki binu lati ri AMC ti titun bayi ? "
O le tun ti kẹkọọ lati ṣẹda awọn ala , boya o je nipasẹ ikẹkọ , tabi kika lati buku.Setahu Mo nlo se ni ala ṣiṣe awọn ohun MLM olupin , sọtun ? Jẹ ká gba .. o ti wa ni agadi lati lati ṣe ala iwe taped -ọtun pasted awọn aworan ti o ba fẹ . Ọtun ? Mo tun lo lati se o , fun o mọ mi titẹsi si aiye ti MLM niwon 2nd ite Junior ile-iwe giga , si kọlẹẹjì , ki di Oba Igbẹhin MLM .. he.he. . , Sugbon o je bi kan ala iwe o kan kan ohun ọṣọ , nibẹ ni o wa kò ti emi ko le , nitori Mo fi aworan kan ti Amotekun paati, yachts , ikọkọ ọkọ ofurufu, igbadun ile . Mo ro pe o akoko , kini ti ko tọ si pẹlu ya ala iwe yi ?
bawo ni - Mu awọn ala -
Lẹhin ti kọlẹẹjì , Mo ti a intrigued nipa iwe kan ti sọ fún DR.J.MURPHY ise iyanu okan , ti o si bẹrẹ si ni mo lepa yi ni lokan , Mo gbiyanju lati kan si pẹlu DR.J.MURPHY fun jinle kan . Ti eko pẹlu rẹ , Mo ti se awari kan ikoko , idi ti a ti ko mi ala wa otito , Mo wa diẹ nife lati lepa yi agutan . Mo bẹrẹ si ranti diẹ ẹ sii ti awọn aye mi ni irin ajo . Ní nigbati mo ti ko eko lati wa ni foju ni wiwọ ile-eko omo ile Daarut Tauhid Bandung , olutojueni ati awọn ẹmí olukọ aa'gym Mo igba sọ , " gbogbo awọn isoro ti idahun ba wa nibiti o ti o , dari o "
Ti o fẹ lati mọ ohun ti ikoko jẹ ? Nigbati o ba ṣẹda kan ala , o ba nlo nikan ri apeere awon ala miiran ti awon eniyan ni ayika ti o , tabi igba ala wipe o ti ṣe ni abajade ti coercion lati elomiran , lati le iyawo re , lati le je obi tabi lati rẹ upline upline , sọtun ? O ṣe awọn miiran awon eniyan awọn ala nipa goggles , ko gilaasi ara wọn . Nítorí Nitori naa pupo ti " foju " ti o kọ lati ṣe o ṣẹlẹ , Olorun a tun kọ laifọwọyi . Nitori ti o ṣẹda
Pulau Pramukaala , lai ni ogorun tabi laisi consulting pẹlu kan " foju ọrẹ " ni o . O dara gbagbo ro ero ara re lati beere nipa awọn ala . Nítorí ni ala ti kuna.
ala - wa otito
Ṣugbọn, ti o ba ti ni ala jẹ ni ibarẹ pẹlu rẹ gilaasi , ki o si ti o ba kan si awọn " ọrẹ " ni o lẹhinna o ni pato kan ala wa otitọ gẹgẹ rẹ ireti . Ti o ni idi ti mo ti ṣe ni Erongba ti " foju ore " ti o si gangan kan manifestation ti ara wa ti a le beere ki o si alagbawo . Bẹẹrẹ bayi bẹrẹ lati ranti diẹ ninu ara re , gbogbo rẹ akojọpọ ara ni ibere lati ran kọọkan miiran lati se aseyori rẹ ala , eyikeyi ti o .
Jẹmọ ìwé :

Ko foju Companion ni igba ti awọn Erongba ti Hologram
A Secret ni Ṣiṣe Àlá Quick Ibere ​​j'oba
Ṣiṣe awọn ti otun ko foju Ọrẹ
Ailopin oloye itetisi ofofo wa ninu ara wa
Bawo ni lati Gbo awọn ohun ti
Obat Pembesar Penis Vimax ọkàn
Ewu ti Nini kan ko foju Companion
Alpha lokan Iṣakoso onifioroweoro
Khodam ati ore ko foju
Mu soke awọn anfani ti ko foju Ọrẹ
Ta ni rẹ foju ore ?
Nipa awọn ìpolówó