Thursday, May 29, 2014

After reading the article and efficacy

After reading the article and efficacy of Japanese ants, how ants farming and cultivation of Japanese and Japanese ants article as diabetes drugs,Pulau Pramuka cholesterol, uric acid, hypertension, heart and vitality for men and women. Then the question may arise in your mind, how do I get this Japanese ants.? more or less likely that it?
Well, from some of the information I got, the ants price is still relatively expensive japanese possible for some Indonesian society, and it is quite unique. In some parts of Indonesia, the Japanese ants prices vary widely, depending on the seller and how much that offer the prospective buyer's need and determine the efficacy of Japanese ants.
I myself tried to find seedlings of Japanese ant there that offer this and the price is quite fantastic 50 thousand / tail. (Whether this price is still persist or have changed again on TV to my knowledge date 21 April 2014 there were still set the price of Rp. 15,000.00 per tail, red 23 April 2014).
But it's new and I do not offer a direct purchase. Finally met my friend who just returned from Japan offers Japanese ants that he had, as I was wondering about the Japanese ants. The offer price 30ribu/ekor (September 2013) should not be less "it is also priced a friend," he said. So I conclude japanese ants price range 30,000, - to 50.000, -.
Our place you just bought at a price of Rp. 3.000, - per head, with postage:

Rp. 35,000 for the Java
Rp 50.000, - for outside Java, Indonesia except Maluku and East region of West Papua and Aceh and the Indonesian outer islands sis adjust to JNE.
How to order.

You can order ants japan to us b
Wisata Pulau Pariy calling the phone number 081364121532 or 0818774809, or email directly smskan or your full name and full address of the buyer as shipping destination, and send an email to us photographic evidence and package delivery receipt from JNE.
After that you transfer to an account INDEPENDENT 1400010177039 Joko Purwanto and BCA 6900111671 a. Joko Purwanto number of ants prices and confirm the transfer.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

There are several factors that affect the success of the nursery

There are several factors that affect the success of the nursery / nursery include seed quality , type of media used , temperature and humidity , light intensity and Technical nurseries .
C. TECHNICAL SEEDLINGS Portal Agen Judi Bola Sbobet Piala Dunia 2014    Seeds are soaked in lukewarm water for ± 30 minutes , while waiting we can prepare the seedling medium to be used .

Moisten the media with clean water and make sure the media basahsampai evenly and leave shortly so that excessive water dripping .

Make a small hole in the rockwool - Grodan ( if using rockwool ) or small kerf intersecting the husk ( when using husk fuel ) so as to form a square with a distance of ± 2 cm .

Put the seeds one by one in each hole with the position of candidate institutions ( growing points facing downwards ± 0.5 cm by using tweezers , after all sowing seeds then cover with plastic mulch .

The seeds are placed dlemari seedlings ( germenation chamber) , the optimum temperature for seedling dilemari 20-25 º C with 70 % -90 % RH . Temperature and RH can be arranged in a way to install the lights if the temperature is low and if the humidity is low spray water into the closet seedlings using a hand sprayer .

The seeds will germinate within ± 7 days , then opened Plastic mulch seedlings were transferred to existing light while maintaining temperature and humidity .

Seedlings to fully grown koteledon , moved kepolybag 15 x 15 cm which has dibasihi with nutrient solution ( Joro D & B Mix ) by EC . 1.5 mS / cm and pH . 5.5 .

Maintenance dipersemaian / nursery includes Watering 0.1
HBCBET.COM Pasaran Taruhan Judi Bola Online terbaru di asia  to 2 times a day ( depending on weather , seedling growth phase , and the media used ) , Control of pests and diseases in the nursery for example Trips , Mite , Leaf miner , Damping kecanbah etc. ) and last but not least adalh arranging the space between plants so that they do not cover each other .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In a quite area of wate

In a quite area of water , watering is done by channeling water in aqueducts between rows tanamannjagung .. wait until 3 o'clock , when the water is still residual in sxaluran earlier , then the water must be removed .
Jadwal bola    On dry land , watering is done by using hype .
Corn crop watering time is :

After the corn planting was completed , with the goal of keeping maize seed germinate immediately .
Every day one corn plant watered for one week .
After the break , watering re- done after the 4th week .
When the formation of cob , corn plants watered once a day in order to develop properly .

Things to consider in watering corn crop is :

Do not flush the corn plant when it's raining . Because if too much water can rot and corn plants eventually die .
Watering is only done if the dry land only.

2 . WeedingWeeding is kegiatannmembuang weed / nuisance which come grow with tanamanjagung , often called weeds .Various weeds that often grow in corn fields is :

grass Puzzle
Foot / tapakmkuda

How penanggulanggan weeds or weeds are dngan ways :

Immediately revoked by hand in a gang .
By using herbicides are chemical compounds used to kill weeds .

3 . PembubunanPembumbunan is hoarding around the corn cro
Berita Bolap in the ground . The trick is as follows :

First we clean the weeds that grow around the corn crop , by way of revoked
Take the results of earlier uprooted weeds , and piled on the ground around the plant with corn .

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The area of ​​spawning vary. To be able to use the swimming

The area of ​​spawning vary. To be able to use the swimming pool narrow 3-6 m2 with a depth of 0.5 m . Area ponds get enough sun , not too stormy , protected from the reach of children and other pets .If possible , please also provide a pool of hatching eggs and seed treatments . Swimming hatching , can form a rectangle or round. If the pool round, diameter of 1.5-2 m .A pool if any, that is to cultivate a natural feed pool agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya that is used to feed the seeds if lmensuplai egg yolk has been exhausted. Pool depth of about 30 cm . The area of 6-10 m2 , enough.For those who have enough money , the pool walls can be coated vinyl material that is used to make fiberglass tub . With vinyl lining ponds is more secure cleanliness and the effect of the cement can be removed .

Master selection
The main requirement is the candidate parent holding mature sex and mature body . Mature male holding means is transmitted to produce sperm and the female parent was producing mature eggs . Maturity means the body , physically they are ready to be productive parent - parent .
Other conditions his physical prime , not deformed . Fin - complete with fins , scales well . The movements are graceful , balanced , not careless . Males aged at least 2 years old, female at least 3 years. Females are larger than males , stomach look bigger than buttocks. The Bulls on the other hand , more slender and flat belly when viewed from the back . Fins finished mating the male parent will show white spots .
A female parent pairs with 2 or 3 male parent . If a female only be a male in the spawning pool and takdisangka males crashed, gagallah spawning . By providing more than one male stock , spawning failure could have been avoided .
It is recommended not to use the parental stock is nice, because offspring are usually ugly . Offspring is not necessarily as good as its parent . The koi should breeded indifferent, but still has superior characteristics , such as color concentrate . At the time of selection of seeds, can later be elected any good and which ones you are interested diafkir.Jika increase the family , koi fish business as a role model can dilirik ditekuni Pledge .
Business koi undergone Cibaraja , Cibatu Village , District
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA   of Cisaat , Sukabumi , West Java that has omzet least Rp20 million per month . A result, the business is able to boost the family income .
Pledge admitted that he had undergone business for seven years . " Compared with other types of fish farming as catfish , goldfish , indigo and other koi fish farming turns a profit can double even more , because this fish enthusiasts average among middle -upper class citizens , " said Pledge .