Friday, April 25, 2014

Efficacy / Manfa'at Melinjo

Melinjo proved very efficacious as an antioxidant. Tri Agus Siswoyo PhD, researcher at the Research Center for Molecular Biology, University agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya of Jember, East Java test the antioxidant activity of extracts of roots, leaves, seeds and stems melinjo to counteract free radicals. It turns out that all parts of the plant that are antioxidants. His ability is:
-Root extract: 37.27 mg VCEAC (Vitamin C Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity)
-Leaf extract: 36.66 mg VCEAC
-Seed extract: 34.08 mg VCEAC
Trunk-Extract: 32.52 mg VCEAC

According Siswoyo, melinjo extracts containing 9-11% protein has potential as an antioxidant. The main protein content in the 30 kilo dalton sized melinjo effectively repel free radicals. Free radicals are one of the leading causes of cancer and accelerate the aging process. Therefore, melinjo likely as a source of nutraceuticals-substances that are beneficial to health, including preventing and treating disease.

Awareness of this melinjo efficacy was already known by most people of Japan. In Japan, even contrived melinjo flour as raw material for a variety of foods such as cakes and breads, unlike in Indonesia, which is limited only contrived as material for chips and vegetables. Even most Japanese people there who have the habit of mixing flour melinjo drink tea. They want to acquire properties melinjo while sipping tea. The proportion is half a teaspoon. According to them the addition of flour melinjo on their tea making their tea becomes thick and delicious. In addition, flour melinjo in Japan are also often made for salad dressing.

Japanese society like melinjo because once held stilbenoid of efficacy trials conducted melinjo Yuji Tokunaga, at the University of Fukui Japan, melinjo can counteract free radicals, inhibiting the activity of lipase and amylase as well as antimicrobial.

Stilbenoid melinjo proved capable of inhibiting the action of the enzyme lipase, thereby potentially suppress the buildup and absorption of fat in the body. Stilbenoid of melinjo can also hinder the activity of the enzyme amylase. As a result, the reform of carbohydrates into glucose inhibited. So melinjo potential as a controller of blood sugar levels for diabetics. As an antimicrobial, extract effectively kills microorganisms melinjo evil.

Tokunaga research shows that given a salad melinjo extract more durable than those not given the extract melinjo. Due to the growth of bacteria on the salad were given extracts melinjo so less. The study was conducted over three days. This indicates Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  that the extract can suppress the growth of bacteria melinjo.

Some literature mentions, empirically melinjo leaves can ease childbirth. The trick is to take a few leaves melinjo not too old but not too young, and the leaves were washed and diiris2, then dried in the sun to dry. Once dry brewed with hot water such as tea and herb leaves melinjo water was taken 2 times a day until the pregnancy reaches over 8 months.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Foo due to which the food is one way to insert source od is

Foo due to which the food is one way to insert source od is one of the important activities we have to do every day ,f energy for our bodies, our bodies get less supply of food of our bodies will also get a bit of power , to carry out our daily activities day such Jasa SEO Indonesia as work and run other activities .
How to Increase Appetite
There are many ways to increase our appetite , be it using traditional chemical drugs or drugs that are made from traditional ingredients of herbal plants .VITERNA ( Vitamin Livestock Natural ) 500 cc
Hormonik ( Organic Hormone ) 100 cc
TON ( Pond Organic Nusantara fertilizer ) 250 gr
1 Bottle + 1 bottle VITERNA Hormonik = 600 cc = 150 Kg enough to mix feed anything . To save costs choose the cheapest feed , for example bran / rice bran . Although ordinary feed aja but if mixed VITERNA + Hormone supplement protein and nutrient needs Organic is more than sufficient . No need to be picky all the floating feed , although feed fish drown if good appetite certainly devoured it up.
How to use:
VITERNA & HORMONES ORGANIC used as fish feed supplement mixture . Mix into one container , 1 bottle VITERNA 500 ​​cc + 1 bottle HORMONIK 100 cc . Then take 1 cap ( 10 cc ) mixed with 2.5 kg of feed anything . Simply given 1 x daily .
TON ( Pond Organic Fertilizer Nusantara ) is used as a fertilizer pool / pond . Mix 10 liters of water + 1 tablespoon TON flush - pour to taste every 2 weeks / 1 month.
Tips & tricks :
If you want to target the optimum yields , the target weight of 1 kg per head . The trick mixed into one container , VITERNA + LIQUID ORGANIC FERTILIZER ( POC ) NASA + ORGANIC HORMONES . Mix 10 cc with any feed . 1 x daily .
1 bottle of 500 cc VITERNA NASA POC + 1 bottle 500 cc + 1 bottle HORMONIK = 1,100 cc = enough to feed = 300 Kg enough for about 200 tails .
Benefits VITERNA + Hormonik
Increasing appetite of fish , the fish are not stressed , unhealthy , disease resistance , the mortality rate is very low , resulting in high quality fish meat for low cholesterol .
Benefits TON ( Pond Organic Fertilizer )
Plankton as a fast growing natural food like fish ,
Jasa SEO Murahneutralize and decompose toxic compound / hazardous toxic gases , aligning ecosystem pond / pool , accelerate the growth of fish , dissolved oxygen supply in the water so widened pool of healthy ecosystems .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life feels so good for them

Life feels so good for them and it proved really tasty. With the crazy way above any security issues gardens ....... I think that being a 'source of Obat Pembesar Penis Vimax annoyance' we've resolved.
The most crazy again is to use other people's capital: the hands of other people, other people's land, other people's thoughts and of course other people's money! It seems that the model used late Aristotle Onassis Worldwide richest person was really lived here.
Opening the garden is not a difficult thing for them, and of course should be broad, even very extensive. In order for the project and considered any thinking person want to try if disturbing. They owe style inconsiderate and it does not need to be discussed here, because I am afraid you have to imitate it without their knowledge base. No wonder the 24-hour day is not enough for them, so sometimes as a seller of fruit seeds, I should be ready when Calling at 3 am with them. They start work at 2 am tetttt!. Ihh Ko ....... That's crazy ..... because the target per month for those already apparent in the eyelid, and it shall be accomplished!!!!!!!
However, although there are mad they can be replicated from those calculations are calculations luaaaar biasoo!! Then the light is rather difficult I write this without offending their debt strategy, skali again do not copy exactly. If later you still blum well yes obviously because there are reasonable ...... I ...... hehhhee sensor anyway ......
Imagine how simple it like this;
When they opened the orchard, they are the
Agen Bola Terpercaya most prioritized fruit seeds, always be no bargaining on their side if they are sure that they take the fruit seeds kualifaid. On average it took no more than 5 minutes after they see the seed. They did not hesitate to throw away their land not only to see matching rootstock and stem it ....... (or described in detail how -fruit-3-menit.html).